The Crazy $5 T-Shirt Sale.

Well - the crazy $5 t-shirt sale took place last Saturday… and it was a bit crazy. A few people couldn’t grasp the concept of first t-shirt free and every other t-shirt $5.00 but for the most part people could accept it.¬† A lot of¬† friends stopped by - good to see you all - and a lot of new people too - welcome to you too.¬† In the end a lot of t-shirts were distributed to new homes and we cleared out a lot of somewhat moribund inventory. All good stuff though. I think we’ll do it again sometime.

By the way…if you think it’s odd that we’re only talking about the crazy $5 t-shirt sale after the fact let me assure you there are no ulterior motives here.¬† We weren’t trying to exclude people by keeping it a secret ( We¬† had Patrick do a flyer run downtown).¬† We were simply without web tech assistance for a while and we didn’t know how to update our website.¬† Thanks to Mark Bennett the secrets have now been revealed to me and I can at least type messages here.

So stay tuned - we’ve got the Lantern Festival this weekend (shirts by us) and the Folk Festival starting¬† August 6th (also shirts by us). We’ll have a booth at the Folk Fest and will be featuring a few new shirt designs. Perhaps I’ll post them here in the next day or two if I can figure out how to paste (post?) a graphic onto this page.


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