Who We Are

Free NFLD TeeLiving Planet T-Shirts is a screenprinting company in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, on the east coast of Canada. We specialize in printing works by local artists on t-shirts and high quality custom printed shirts for groups and events. Our bricks and mortar retail location is 197 Water Street in downtown St. John’s.

Our print studio is located at 20 Barnes Road at the edge of downtown in St. John’s. We carefully handscreen all of our shirts and insist that each print is of top quality. Originally we had been printing on the second floor of our retail store but having outgrown that space we converted it to another retail boutique known as “What’s Upstairs?” The name arose from the fact that many of our retail customers would notice the stairs leading up to the second floor and ask that very question “What’s Upstairs?”

The owner of Living Planet is Dave Hopley who has 20 years of screenprinting experience. He and his excellent staff take great care and pride in presenting the coolest Newfoundland shirts that you’ll ever find. And because Newfoundland has such a wealth of artistic talent, we are able to continuously add great new art to our line.

Why Living Planet?

We are called Living Planet T-Shirts for a reason. We endeavour to produce our shirts with the most eco-friendly processes available. We gave up using harsh solvents and chemicals years ago when soy-based cleaners and other less toxic products became available. We’re into cool t-shirts here but we don’t want to poison ourselves producing them. As responsible corporate citizens, we seek to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can.

This year we will begin offering some of our images for sale on bamboo/cotton blend t-shirts as well. We are excited about this development as the test shirts we’ve been wearing are luxuriously comfortable and very eco friendly to produce.

So What Does Free Nfld. Mean?